Meet Our Team

Dr. Roberta (Robbie) Borland

Veterinary medicine and surgery, has always held Roberta's interest for as long as she can remember, but she also loves animals. Although Dr. Borland's animals sucumb to injuries and illnesses just like everyone else's, they are a part of her extended family while they are here. She lives on a farm with her husband, two horses, her dog named Abby, and five fine felines. She enjoys riding, fishing, gardening and the great outdoors.

Lora Roy, Animal Health Technician

Lora has been a veterinary technician at Cayuga Veterinary Clinic since the spring of 2008. After graduating from St. Clair College in 1986 she worked in Hamilton for some years and participated in a television show called "Pet Connections." her interests in canine agility, and search and rescue, were interrupted when she started a family. Lora lives in Cayuga with her husband Dan and three kids plus two mixed-breed, high-energy dogs and two cats.